Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sprinkler Fun

Taylor was working on fixings the sprinklers in our back yard and Caleb thought Daddy could use a little help. Caleb wasn't sure about the cold water at first but he quickly realized how much fun it could be. Taylor really didn't get anything fixed, but I know he had a great time playing with Caleb. This might become a new summer time favorite!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Pictures

Ok so it is no secret that I got really behind on my posting so the following pictures are from the past several months and are kind of in a random order. I hope that you enjoy getting to see the things we do to keep ourselves busy each day. Looking back at these pictures makes me really notice how much Caleb has grown into such a little man. Enjoy!

Here we are at the park having a little fun

Caleb's first donut party...a Steele Family tradition

A new favorite thing at our house

Such a silly boy!

First haircut! He did such a good job!!

I just love this boy!

That is the face of a boy that knows he isn't supposed to be climbing a ladder.

Always a helper.

Pumkin Patch in October.

State Fair fun and napping.

Oklahoma Zoo with the Walkers

Eye Surgery and Snow!

Caleb had surgery on his left eye on February 11th which also happened to be the day that Texas got a record breaking snow fall. We spent that day inside but we were able to go out and play a little the following day. Caleb was a pro before, during, and after the surgery and once again God was faithful to meet every need during this time. We are greatful for all the prayers and for fantastic doctors that took care of everything. Here are some shots of the patient the day after surgery. You can't even really tell he had anything done. What a trooper!


This month was rounded out with Caleb's first birthday party. I cannot believe a year has passed since he first came into our lives. We enjoyed celebrating the joy with family and close friends with a small party at our hosue. Caleb wasn't sure about what to do with the cake but he quickly figured it out and was covered in blue icing by the end of the party. This was also the day that Caleb decided to let go and walk on his own for the first time. I feel certain we are in for it now! This month was also Caleb's one year doctor's visit. His stats were pretty much the same: average height, below average weight, and a big head! Happy Birthday sweet Caleb!


This December was full of great things but the best one in my opinion was getting to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child. Caleb doesn't understand the meaning of Christmas or why everything was decorated and colorful but he was so excited about the tree, the lights, the presents, and of course having all the attention on him. We went to Christmas Eve service at church, Caleb opened his one present on Christmas Eve which was pajamas (he didn't seem to interested), and then we headed home in the snow and ice to prepare to have both families to our hosue on Christmas morning. We were so blessed to get to host Christmas breakfast and presents this year. Both families filled our living room and enjoyed each others company while we opened gifts. Caleb had a great time and I loved getting to have everyone over.


We celebrated Thanksgiving this year at the Steele's land after spending time with my family here in town. Caleb had fun rocking on the porch with Uncle Grady, trying on Daddy's boots, and making our traditional gingerbread house. I am pretty sure this will be one of Caleb's favorite places as he grows.


This October we were able to volunteer our trunk for our church's trunk or treat. Caleb and Hayes had a great time watching all the other kids come by in their costumes as we handed out candy. And of course we enjoyed showing off the world's cutest giraffe!